Unreported Jobsite Accidents – why?

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Unreported Jobsite Accidents – why?

Unreported Jobsite Accidents – why?

Worksite accidents happen every day.

A construction worker dropping something heavy on his foot, an electrician getting more than just a little zap, or even a plumber hurting his back trying to get up from underneath a sink – these things all happen, but go unnoticed.

Construction AccidentsWhy?

People are afraid. Afraid of getting fired, afraid of being “that guy” who files “minute” claims, or just embarrassed they’re not “tough enough” for a construction-based job. They could be harassed or just receive poor treatment from other employees and managers when they return.

But those who get injured shouldn’t be ashamed. The construction-industry is full of dangers. Looking at the last post, in a country that lacks jobsite regulation, construction accidents can be more than car accidents.

American construction workers shouldn’t be afraid, though. Working through a strained back, or a badly bruised or fractured foot could lead to bigger problems when you’re done working. Furthermore, without filing a claim, you may never get the chance to collect worker’s compensation — something the government wouldn’t have they didn’t know the dangers of working at some jobs.

According to a post by Matthew Powell, 30 percent of all workplace injuries are never reported.  

It’s a shame and people shouldn’t be afraid.

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