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Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that is the most closely related to the design and analysis of typically large buildings or non-building structures that support or resist loads. Any building or piece of machinery where the structural integrity affects its function or safety can fall into the category of structural engineering.

When these structures fail, rely on Gogulski & Associates to provide answers through comprehensive research and analysis for a reason why the structure failed. Our investigations are thorough and do not leave any stone un-turned. From design flaws, building code compliance, building envelope defects and even geotechnical analyses, we find answers that courts have relied upon when conducting our structural engineering investigation.

Personal injury cases often require structural engineering analysis to find a cause. Our investigations and reports have resulted in the early settlement of hundreds of cases. Two of our associates are OSHA certified trainers in the construction industry and their sterling reputations have stood for many years.

Andy Richardson is our Lead Structural Engineering Consultant and provides thorough investigations for all cases involving structural defects.

Beyond his structural engineering findings, Andy’s interest in forensic engineering has been invaluable for settlement of litigation cases for our clients. He is in the process of developing propitiatory software to reduce cost on claims and has patented devices for electronic measurement from drawings to help in a more thorough and state-of-the-art investigation.

With the knowledge and experience of dealing with hundreds of cases in the construction and engineering world, there’s no reason not to rely on your construction experts at Gogulski & Associates.