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Site Safety

Designs are in place, crews are assembled and the only thing left is to break ground and start construction.

However, there’s more critical components to be considered, such as the safety of the construction workers on the site. Examination of a construction site’s safety is part of Gogulski & Associates Inc. expertise.

Safety is the most important part of a construction site. When planning or designs fail, the cost of money is usually the most at risk. When construction site’s safety protocols fail or inefficient safety methods are in place, people’s lives are in danger. Construction is always near the top of the “most dangerous jobs” list–but it doesn’t have to be.

Construction site safety signs, adequate training, proper supplies and equipment along with a myriad of other conditions all play a role in construction site safety; only a construction authority ,such as the 11 experts at Gogulski and Associates, can properly investigate or consult over proper site safety procedures.

Led by Mr. Paul Gogulski, who has over 50 years’ experience in the construction and civil engineering industry including managing large scale projects like Boston’s $900 million Southwest Corridor Project in 1988 and oversight of an award-winning $100 million resort in Orlando on behalf of Disney, Gogulski & Associates knows what construction projects take to not only meet deadlines and resolve problems, but work smoothly and safely.

For those in need of an expert review or looking to file a claim because of inadequate construction site safety resulting in personal injury or other harm, please contact Gogulski & Associates today. From falls and slips to crane and forklift accidents, our experienced team can propose, review or offer expert witness testimony for any construction site safety claim.