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Personal injuries are an undesired outcome of a condition or behavior that should have been different than it was. Oftentimes, personal injuries happen in the blink of an eye and even the injured party has difficulty recreating the event that led to their injury. This is just one of the many cases in which a construction expert can be invaluable and help determine how the accident occurred–and identify who is responsible. With more than 12 years’ of experience, Gogulski & Associates is one of the most sought after personal injury and construction authorities in the country. Contact us today to find out more about our services!

Experienced, Professional Personal Injury Investigation Services

The investigation of a personal injury claim can involve tasks such as the recreation of the injurious event or situation in order to best understand it, which can involve collecting data such as measurements of distances, weights, friction, light levels, human body mechanics, the behavior of materials and many other aspects. At Gogulski & Associates, we have all of the tools and resources necessary to carry out these duties while providing you with trusted results.

The expertise that Gogulski & Associates brings to the personal injury incident and the client includes the ability to identify and collect numerous bits of data and subsequently assemble the information into a coherent, understandable, credible presentation.

Listed below are some of the personal injury cases Gogulski & Associates has been a part of:


Willie vs. Villa Victor Ladder Accident Huntington, NY
Edilberto Aquino v NASSCO Fork Lift Accident – US Navy San Diego, CA
Calis v EA Collins Ladder Accident Las Vegas, NV
Hamilton v Oppen Auger Accident Rugby, ND
Maloney v NYC  Transit Fall Through Subway Grating Brooklyn, NY
Kilgore v. Nevada Power Electrical Cover Plate Accident Las Vegas NV
Orenstein v. Outback Steakhouse Slip, Trip & Fall – Design Defect Las Vegas, NV
Wellbourne v. Epic Divers Rigging Accident from Truck New Orleans, LA
Adams v. Gillman Fall During Glass Panel Installation Irving, TX
Robinson v. Boomtown Slip trip and fall in Casino Reno, NV
Bock v. Smith Golf Cart Roll Over Las Vegas, NV
Steinberg v. Madison Slip Trip and Fall Outside  Residence Las Vegas, NV
Sandra Pina v. Sam’s Town Slip trip and fall in Casino Las Vegas, NV
Summerlin Hospital Fall from Cold Storage Unit Las Vegas, NV
Verner v. Ramada Express Slip Trip and Fall at Elevator Laughlin, NV
McWhorter v. Nevada Ready Mix Water Truck Injury at Plant Las Vegas, NV
World Trade Center Disaster Site Airborne Hazards – Class Action Litigation New York, NY
L. Hunter v. St. Anthony’s Medical Center Fatal Accident – Window Defects St. Louis, MO
Marc Legget v. Las Vegas Hockey Slip Trip Fall  at Hockey Stadium Las Vegas, NV
Nathason v. Las Vegas Hockey Slip Trip Fall  at Hockey Stadium Las Vegas, NV