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Insurance Claims

Las Vegas Monorail Liquidated Damages Las Vegas, NV
Truck Fire Van Caught on Fire Las Vegas, NV
Auto Accident Brake Failure Las Vegas, NV
Mathew Norton Masonry collapse Farmington, UT
Keystone Cue & Cushion v. Menicuci Structural Damage due to Storm Reno, NV
Hannelore Lieberman Stucco Defects Las Vegas, NV
William David Acevedo Drywall Defects Las Vegas, NV
Tamara Vranken Water Intrusian Las Vegas, NV
Karen Kapsun Structural Defects Bountiful, UT
Kurt Lehwalder Concrete Settlement Salt Lake City,UT

Insurance claims can cover everything from a small “slip, trip and fall” to a major claim involving hundreds of millions in dispute. When dealing with construction claims, the highest level of expertise and professionalism is required to get to the bottom of an accident.

Insurance claims on construction sites can be very complicated because multiple parties could be responsible–which could cause a mess with the insurance company or in court. Our insurance claim experts have delivered very successful results and are passionate about achieving those results again and again.

Gogulski & Associates has insurance claim experts who can diagnose the claim and the accident to give a professional opinion that typically stands unfettered.

When an insurance claim expert is needed, a thorough investigation is required to gather facts about the entire case. The insurance claim experts at Gogulski and Associates use their experience and knowledge to gather facts along with observing, listening, touching, feeling, smelling and asking a lot of relevant questions to gather the information needed recreate the claim and distinguish a thorough opinion. When we arrive at a determination, it usually prevails in court and stands up under cross examination.

Presently, we are developing state-of-the-art claim presentations using 3D models and software with timelines and proprietary cost analyses, which save considerable time for attorneys, and offer easy to understand 3D videos of complex issues in litigation. This not only saves our clients money, but only further enhances our insurance claim experts’ honest and reputable opinions.