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Construction Defects

Construction defects can be caused by a number of different things, but the result is the same: reducing the value of your property or the unexpected and undesired expense incurred to fix the imperfection. These defects can be anything from concrete or electrical defects, window leakage defects or building envelope defects.

Fortunately for the consumer or owner, construction defects are not a part of the buyer’s reasonable expectations and therefore, a claim needs to be made for further investigation. Gogulski & Associates have been called on to provide construction litigation on behalf of construction defects cases. In each case that the firm has been called upon to produce evidence that a construction defect was apparent, their findings were irrefutable in court, resulting in favorable outcomes for the owner.

Construction defect cases are complicated. Building code compliances, whether the correct equipment and supplies were used properly, and whether or not the contractor followed the blueprint design as closely as expected could all cause a construction defect. Only highly experienced construction experts like Mr. Gogulski and his associates can determine the true cause of a construction defect in litigation.

Listed below are some of the recent construction defect cases Gogulski & Associates have been involved in. The construction defects in these cases have ranged from masonry, plumbing, concrete, roofing, insulation and structural defects.

Stone Ridge v. Pulte Homes Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
Exodus Court Structural Defects – 10 Houses Las Vegas, NV
Val D’Isere v. The Villas et al Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
Arbor Park v. Concordia Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
Mariners Landing Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
Allied v Syndicated Storage Roof Defects – Commercial Warehouse Las Vegas, NV
Spring Oaks II Insulation Defects -Condominium Project Las Vegas, NV
Morrissette Residence Multiple Defects – Multi-Million Estate Marco Island, FL