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Construction Claims

Construction claims require the highest level of professionalism and integrity in order to be effective. Unfortunately, too many firms make the claim easy to pick apart and waste the client’s time with charts and graphs that do not hold up under cross examination. A strong claim can be ruined by just one factual error.

Fortunately, this is where Gogulski & Associates comes in. Led by Paul Gogulski and his forensic team, clients from across the United States and throughout the world find the cause and rectify the situation quickly. This is why so many have called upon our services over the past 12 years. Our years in the trenches make it easier to cut through complex issues and find that one issue which makes a substantial contribution to our client’s needs.

Mr. Gogulski’s experience in consulting includes preparation and analyzing construction and engineering claims, expert testimony and has been called upon as a seminar leader in three overseas conferences on the matter. Associates Gerry Sverdlin and Roger Gipps are international construction claim experts with knowledge in claim management and resolution disputes that is unmatched. Mr. Gogulski said Mr.  Sverdlin’s “ability to cut through rhetoric and identify cause with corresponding corrective action has few equals.”

Presently, we are developing state of the art claim presentations using 3D models and proprietary software with timelines and cost analysis components which save considerable time for attorneys and offer easy to understand 3D videos of complex issues in litigation.

Volmar Construction Company Alexander Hamilton US Customs House New York, NY
American Asphalt & Grading Company Log Cabin Ranch – D. R. Horton Las Vegas, NV
American Asphalt & Grading Company Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power Owens Lake, CA
American Asphalt & Grading Company Element Homes Phoenix, AZ
American Asphalt & Grading Company F-4 Basin & Channel – USCOE Las Vegas, NV