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Building Code Compliance

Building code compliance can be a major issue when determining the proper legal procedures to interpret, particularly when challenged by a politically motivated person or firm. As the Director of Facilites for Teradyne, Mr. Gogulski worked closely with Boston’s Chief Building Code Official, who also served on the board of the National Fire Protecton Association (NFPA). When an electrician challenged a code interpretation regarding the use of low voltage wiring in a high rise office building under construction,  the complaint went all the way to the District Court for a ruling by a judge. The issue involved the meaning of the words “could” or “should” as it applied to the NFPA code for the applicable section of the code. Boston’s Chief Building Code Official testified that he was on the committee that wrote the code, and in fact wrote that particular section himself. Nevertheless, the judge rejected his testimony stating  that the code stated it clearly the other way. The entire building had to be rewired with low voltage wiring placed in conduit.

So many factors are involved in building codes. That’s why they are different from state to state, county to county and city to city. Mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fuel and gas codes may all be different just over city lines, and these building codes can oftentimes be confusing–especially going from one site to another–but they also may not be feasible in certain situations. Sometimes the civil engineering just isn’t possible through protocol testing or environmental changes.

That’s why Gogulski & Associates’ building code compliance expert is well versed in all kinds of building code standards, including ASHRAE, NFPA, ASTM, ASCE and the International Code Council, which can oftentimes be the ruling board over municipal and federal codes.

If you are ever in need of a second opinion or need to know the rendering of the building code, which must adhere to the current building code of that specific origin, consult a Gogulski & Associates building code compliance expert. With years of experience, a building code compliance expert can assist you in any ways that are needed, including supportive legal action.