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Construction Consulting Services


Our construction consulting services entail all of the important issues that you’ll need to complete the project successfully and avoid any unnecessary problems.  Hire Gogulski & Associates Inc. to review and analyze your contract documents to make sure that all bases are covered. For the past thirteen  years, Gogulski & Associates, Inc. has assisted attorneys, contractors, surety companies, insurance companies, architects, engineers and government agencies through all phases of legal action.

We can assist you in design review, delays, change orders, schedule analysis, code compliance and estimating. The same is true for your contract. When you need a professional to render an opinion or negotiate on your behalf regarding a building code issue, we have the expertise to meet your strictest requirements.

A crucial part of your project involves the assumptions made during the design phase and during estimating. It helps to find the right answer quickly.  Our knowledge gained in over 30 years hands-on project management experience with general contractors, corporate owners, developers and government agencies helps make it happen.

You have come to the right place. Call 910.548.5088 today for more information on our construction consulting services and how Gogulski & Associates can help you!