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Roofing Experts

It’s the most important exterior part of any home or commercial building: the roof.

The roof is the main protector of the building, like a big umbrella so to speak. One little hole and the outside elements can come in and cause damage – to everything.

Water and air can infiltrate the walls and rot the wood inside. The moisture on the wood eventually turns into mold and fungus, ruining the roofs interior and the rafters and load-bearing beams and other structures causing dry rot, sometimes making the structure to unfixable.

It doesn’t matter if your roof is a gable, hip or a flat roof, a leaky roof needs to be fixed or may have to be replaced if the damage it too extensive. 

Gogulski and Associates knows the importance of the roof and how it relates to the rest of the structure. Currently, our firm is working with a Japanese firm in consulting them in flat roofs. Like on the East Coast in the United States, Japan is exposed to the same weather and natural disasters, and is subject to the same structural integrity.

On our team, Marty Lawry is a roofing expert and another associate, Andy Richardson P.E., is a structural engineer who has worked with Lawry on determining the damages by hail causing leakage and structural repairs to industrial and commercial buildings. One of their reports resulted in the millions, instead of thousands in settlement by the insurance company.

It’s this kind of expertise that sets Gogulski & Associates, Inc. above the rest. For any type of construction consulting, contact Gogulski & Associates today.

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