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Residential Construction Projects

When it comes to residential construction witness services and consulting, choose the best–choose Gogulski and Associates. Gogulski & Associates has a wide range of skills and experience to meet today’s challenges within an industry that has become more complex and demanding. Residential construction takes more careful consideration and effort because these are the places you and your loved ones reside. When you want to make sure that everything is up to code and safe, call us. We are experienced at: construction defects, delay insurance claims, general contracting, standards of care, contract disputes, structural defects, site safety, quality control, design errors and omissions, as well as planning and scheduling.

No homeowner wants to find that an oversight made by the contractor caused major damage to their new or newly renovated home. This is where we come in. Call us to check and double check to ensure that the proper protocols were followed during the construction of your home, retirement community or apartment building.

Listed below are some of the recent residential cases Gogulski & Associates have been involved in.

DR Horton Log Cabin Ranch (Excavation Only) Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 Las Vegas, NV
DKM Properties Cherry Valley Princeton, NJ 600 acres, 575 single family homes. Rees Jones championship golf course
Colfax Belle Mead, NJ Six single family homes
Union Valley Whitingham, NJ 900 acre retirement community, golf course, 860 two and three story condos
Union Valley Concordia, NJ 1200 acre retirement community, golf course, 940 two and three story condos, community center
Drexel Properties Huntington Ridge Auroa, CO 204 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Huntington Park Aurora, CO 204 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Hunters Park Raleigh Durham, NC 210 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Bent Trail Dallas, TX 38 three story condo units
Drexel Properties Barton’s Landing Raleigh Durham, NC 208 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Barton’s Ridge Raleigh Durham, NC 158 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Highland Trace Dallas, TX 160 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Highlands of Preston Dallas, TX 210 three story apartments
Winter Park Pines Place 436 Orlando, FL 208 3 story apartments