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Construction Projects

Gogulski & Associates is the answer to your construction project problems. Whether it’s reducing construction costs or resolving delays, we have the expertise to ensure your problems become a thing of the past. We service all types of construction from public works, industrial, commercial and residential construction. Renowned for our extreme attention to detail and having the customer’s best interest in mind, we offer expertise for any size construction project.

When Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel was one year behind schedule, Gogulski & Associates was hired to ramrod completion. Our firm has played a key role in resolving problems on this and many other complex and high profile construction projects.

We insisted that the architect move onsite full time. Our firm increased production by working 1200 craft personnel two 12-hour shifts, seven days per week. This simplified many design and construction issues and completed this monumental, award-winning project on time and within budget.

Public works construction has many budgeting and scheduling constraints. We have assisted on many State and Federal government projects while saving money and finishing ahead of schedule.

Please take a few moments and view our experience on projects that we have assisted or managed in the field and contact us for more information on our commercial and public works construction.  And don’t forget to go over to our Facebook page for up-to-date news and information on Gogulski & Associates.