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Mr. Lowry has 14 years’ of extensive training and experience in roofing, property loss inspection, estimating and subcontracting. This includes hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and water damage, hail and wind damages. He is a qualified insurance adjuster who convinced insurance companies to pay over $3.75 million for the residential roofs in the Atlanta, GA area.

Roofing is considered a high risk for defects which require specialized expertise to resolve. Structural defects are often the cause of leakage which owners fail to recognize, and most inspection services omit from consideration or exclude. Some insurance companies will send out “Engineers” to provide collaborating inspection results. We offer a third set of eyes and ears to join with the property owners and work toward the best and most fair determination as to storm-related damages and compensation under insurance policies.

Gogulski & Associates offers both structural and roofing expertise with professionals who have proven effective in recovery of damages from rain, hail and hurricanes. In addition, our expertise includes a former insurance adjuster who has extensive experience as a roofing subcontractor.

We welcome the more difficult and challenging cases.

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