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State of Michigan Highway Department – Bridge Division

As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Mr. Gogulski worked on a program sponsored by the State of Michigan’s Highway Department which included surveying at Camp Davis in the Tetons of Wyoming, followed by field engineering assignments within the Bridge Department. This included  soil testing, concrete inspection, pile driving inspection and field engineering on several bridge construction projects in  Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

State of Michigan Building Department

Mr. Gogulski was  Project Superintendent  hired to oversee multiple construction projects in the Upper Peninsula. This included construction of a hospital addition and laundry building in Newberry, a boiler plant and utility distribution system for Northern Michigan University at Marquette, and a new science building, also at Marquette. All projects involved coordination among separate contracts issued to general, mechanical and electrical contractors for each project. His performance resulted in promotion to the highest pay grade for his position and qualification as GS-13 within the federal government.

US Navy Nike Zeus Missile Facility – Kwajalein, Marshall Islands

Mr. Gogulski completed a two year contract as Civil Engineer, Planner and Estimator for a contractor engaged in the conversion of this Navy base into a research and test facility for development of the Nike Zeus missile. This involved a wide range of engineering design and field construction in marine and shore protection including pile driving, marina design, revetments, and repairs to POL facilities. In addition, Mr. Gogulski initiated a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan for all 462 facilities on the island and assisted in servicing the many civil engineering issues associated with support of the Zeus missile development.

US Navy Recreation Facility – Staten Island, New York

Mr. Gogulski completed an assignment as Quality Control Manager to the General contractor on construction of a six million dollar recreational facility.

US Army Corps of Engineers: QC Manager for General Contractors (extension of staff): 

As Quality Control Manager for general contractors, Mr. Gogulski completed the following assignments:

• R4 Detention Pond and Channel (five miles), Las Vegas, NV
• Predator Headquarters & 2 Support Facilities, Indian Springs, NV

As consultant to the General Contractor, Mr. Gogulski analyzed  litigation for a duct bank failure during construction of a 44 acre site at Fort Riley, Kansas. The contractor accepted responsibly for the failure. Mr. Gogulski was hired to analyze additional responsibilities of the engineer and the USACE.

General Services Administration Alexander Hamilton US Customs House, New York

Gogulski & Associates was hired by the General Contractor as an extension in staff to assist in the completion of this troubled project, a historic facility whose structure and masonry exterior was being renovated. Several claims were prepared in addition to the on the site field supervision. In addition, Mr. Gogulski supervised the preparation of a proposal to the Smithsonian Institution and presented it in Washington DC for the renovation of the interior into a museum for the American Indians.

New York City Transit New York, New York

Paul was employed as Project Manager in the Infrastructure Department to supervise two field offices involved in construction of three projects. Supervising six engineers, Mr. Gogulski administered all aspects of the contracts for cost, progress and client satisfaction. This included: (1) utility relocation thirty feet under one of Brooklyn’s most active intersections; (2) replacement of four 40,000 CFM fans; (3) installation of a new underground fan plant; (4) renovation of a deteriorated roof structure, columns, and water intrusion at Atlantic Ave Station, one of the most active stations in Brooklyn with six tracks, none of which could be deactivated during construction, and (5 ) two miles of tunnel repair for water intrusion in the adjacent station area.

New York City School Construction Authority Long Island City, NY

As Project Officer, Mr. Gogulski’s duties included oversight of 12 school construction projects in the Queens section of New York City. The projects varied from exterior window and door replacements to new construction with several heating and ventilation projects as well. His management experience was recognized by promotion to the administrative staff where he improved the work flow by assignments to include data never captured by previous administrations, and assignments to special projects incorporating improved standards of care in safety.

Massachusetts Boston Transit Authority Boston, Massachusetts

As Development Manager for Kaiser Engineers, Mr. Gogulski oversaw an urban design team in the planning a five mile long mass transit/urban development project, which includes seven subway stations, two Amtrak and four transit lines, five miles of park land, 36 bridge renovations, and five miles of road. Mr. Gogulski supervised 4 architectural firms and two consultants with the goal of producing an urban design manual and development manual prior to the starting of any of the architectural firms assigned to design the station areas. This extensive interfacing with utility companies, other engineering firms, and the public review process earned national recognition.

This project was selected as Project of the Year in 1988 by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and won the president’s award by the National Endowment of Arts in Washington, DC.