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Forensic Experience

Gogulski & Associates, Inc. – Forensic Engineering Services

The term “Forensic Engineering” includes an extremely broad range of disciplines. Our forensic skills include both engineering and training in contracts and law. We investigate all aspects of the documents and exhibits in litigation, and use our experience in engineering, general contracting, facilities operations, project management and OSHA regulations to determine facts. In addition, “forensic engineering” includes materials, products, structures and components that either do not operate as indented or instances where structures or components fail, causing personal injury or damage to property. This combined experience and training provides our clients with unique services for the following:

• Construction Accidents
• Construction Litigation
• Construction Claims
• Construction Defects
• Construction Fraud
• Construction Risk
• Insurance Claims
• Design Errors and Omissions
• Personal Injury

At Gogulski & Associates, Inc. we combine 13 years of experience and a proven track record in forensic engineering assignments throughout the country and overseas. We continuously strive to provide expert results to each and every client. Please see our Comprehensive Experience Listing under the Experience tab of our website. Services are provided throughout the United States and internationally.

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