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Most of our reports have led to settlements. At Gogulski & Associates, we act as expert witnesses for construction litigation cases, design errors and omissions, construction defects, construction delays, recovery of costs attributable to both owners and contractors, site accidents, personal injury and all forms of construction claims.

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Gogulski & Associates has insurance claim experts who can diagnose the claim and the accident to give a professional opinion that typically stands unfettered.

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The expertise that Gogulski & Associates brings to the personal injury incident and the client includes the ability to identify and collect numerous bits of data and subsequently assemble the information into a coherent, understandable, credible presentation.

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From crane accidents to hazardous vapors from chemical welding, to slip, trip and falls, we have extensive experience in a number of construction accident areas.

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Unfortunately, too many firms make the claim easy to pick apart and waste the client’s time with charts and graphs that do not hold up under cross examination. A strong claim can be ruined by just one factual error.

Fortunately, this is where Gogulski & Associates comes in.

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Construction defect cases are complicated. Building code compliances, whether the correct equipment and supplies were used properly, and whether or not the contractor followed the blueprint design as closely as expected could all cause a construction defect. Only highly experienced construction experts like Mr. Gogulski and his associates can determine the true cause of a construction defect in litigation.

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We have provided construction litigation services for over 25 trials across the United States. From Anchorage, AK to Princeton, NJ, we have provided expert advice and litigation in all types of trials — general contractor vs. sub-contractor, general contractor vs. owner and architect/engineer vs. owner.

Our litigation and expert witness expertise typically results in a shorter trial because of early settlement

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“…I become super charged with energy to counter their argument with skills learned from extensive experience within my field…”

I respect the law, but recognize that some attorneys are skilled in manipulating the law by stretching the truth, ignoring relevant facts, and are very persuasive in their argument toward settlement with incomplete and often unfounded evidence.

When that happens, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I become super charged with energy to counter their argument with skills learned from extensive experience within my  field. I am not intimidated, and will fight like a bull dog for my client, especially  when I see and feel the damage caused by others.

Sometimes I have to go against other experts who are PhD’s and wrote the book governing the applicable codes or standards of care. They may have the book knowledge, but lack the depth and perspective with integrity that comes from battle in the trenches.

“This old anvil knows many broken hammers.”

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Paul Gogulski

Here’s Why Attorneys Depend On Gogulski & Associates to Win Their Cases

I have the expertise to clarify the issues.

I bring 30 plus years (and counting) of real world construction management and forensic engineering experience to your case. Unlike some expert witnesses, I have spent my career actively working in my witness field. I know the construction industry inside-and-out. This expertise allows me to constantly stay ahead of industry changes. I even stay current and understand confusing regulations such as OSHA that affect roles and responsibilities in the construction industry.

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I have the experience to communicate the issues in every phase: initial fact finding, discovery, reports, depositions, trials, testimony, arbitration, etc.

I have an extensive understanding of the kinds of question your are likely to face and I have the ability to explain even the most complex of issues in concise language that the court can understand. A majority of the reports I have written alone, have led to settlements. In addition, I have taught construction accident investigation and the dynamics of construction related cases around the world

Expert Research on Complex Issues

American Asphalt and Grading Company, a large earth-moving contractor, hired Gogulski & Associates to prepare a claim against DR Horton, owner of several large-scale residential developments in Las Vegas.

As result his success on the project, officials requested 3 additional claims from Gogulski & Associates on seriously over budget, delayed projects including the US Army Corps of Engineers detention basin and channel; and 30 million dollar environmental dust mitigation and control project at Owens Lake for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

All required skills in negotiating and professional engineering for complex construction and design issues.

“I have personally spent hundreds of days in arbitration during my career. During that time I have had the opportunity to determine the qualities which make an outstanding arbitrator. I believe Mr. Gogulski has these qualities. He is an engineer, diligent, hard-working. He is concerned about doing the right thing. He would make an outstanding arbitrator.”

P– Greg Ronan

Goddard & Blum New York, New York

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Here’s What Others Say About Gogulski & Associates


…we attribute the successful conclusion of this matter in no small part to your professional efforts

“We appreciate your work on behalf of {client} and attribute the successful conclusion of this matter in no small part to your professional efforts. We very much appreciated working with you and receiving your expert opinion in this matter. We will maintain your C.V. on file in anticipation of utilizing your services in future litigation.”

– Lewis E. Baker

RP, Legal Assistant for Thomas Van Flein Esq*., Clapp, Peterson, Stowers, Attorneys at Law Anchorage, Alaska

*Thomas Van Flein is Sara Palin’s personal attorney

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