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Construction Expert Witness’ Testimony

An expert witness is someone who is qualified as a professional in their field and is able to use their expertise and knowledge to write effective reports and present facts with compelling argument in court. For the last 13 years,  Gogulski & Associates has assisted attorneys, contractors and insurance companies regarding all matters concerning construction. Our broad base of experience includes assignments with leading contractors, architect-engineers, Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. Most of our reports have led to settlements. At Gogulski & Associates, we offer our construction expertise to provide professional services for construction litigation cases, design errors and omissions, construction defects, construction  delays, recovery of costs attributable to both owners and contractors, site accidents, personal injury and all forms of construction claims.

Below is a partial listing  of cases by  categories:


  Construction Accidents    
   Beverley v. Cleveland Mechanical Chemical Welding – Power Plant Savannah,  GA
   Waterstraat v. Bechtel Corporation Sheet Pile Extraction – Power Plant Oak Creek, WI
   Criss v Duke Energy Fatality @ Fleur office – Power Plant San Jose, CA
  Jordon vs. Nucor Crane Accident – Industrial Plant Norfolk, NE
  LaBernado v State of NY Trench Cave-In –  Utilities Niagara Falls, NY
  John Beecher v Diversified Builders Scaffolding Failure Hartford, CN
  Stamatelos v. Snake River Canyon Timber Log Installation Jackson Hole, WY
  Maltez v. Occupational Safety et el Fall from Elevator Shaft Miami, FL
  Hicks v. American Steel Stairs Fall During Steel Erection Auburn Hills, MI
  Martinez v. Jacobsen Fall During Steel Erection Salt Lake City, UT
  Ray Lake v. Granite Construction Fall from Stairwell Las Vegas, NV
  St. John v. City of San Francisco Fork Lift Accident San Francisco, CA
  Dorrough v. Parry Construction Fall During Framing Erection Salt Lake City, UT
  Criss v. Duke Energy et al Power Plant Safety Issues San Francisco, CA
  Dorman v. Powell Enterprises Fall during HVAC demolition Salt Lake City, UT
  Ashburn v. Tall Timbers Builders Truss Accident Iron Mountain, MI
  Pratt v. Heritage Baptist Church Roof Collapse During Construction Albany, NY
  Ticichi v. Pacific Coast Bldg Products Truck Accident at Plant Las Vegas, NV
  Eldridge v. Granite Construction Trench Cave-In Las Vegas, NV
  Sherburne v. Otis Elevator and Perini Elevator Accident Las Vegas, NV
  Valdovinos v. James Truss Truck Accident at Construction Site Santa Ana, CA
  Brown v. Rycenga Building Center Electrical Accident w/Crane Grand Rapids, MI
  Gonzales v. Richardson et al Material Thrown off Roof Los Angeles, CA
  Rub v. Kirk Fall from Scaffold Chicago, IL
  Pedrin v. Atlas Construction Supply, Inc. Fatal Fall from Scaffold – Market Center Las Vegas, NV
  Reber v. Interstate Roofing Roof Collapse – Historic Building Centerville, UT
  Jamie Aloma v. J & C Services Fall from Ladder Salt Lake City
  R. Witter v. W. Christopher Dyer et al Fall From Deck – Log Home Kansas City, MO
  Brad Baker v. Koester Construction Fall Through Hole Opening Des Moines, IO
  Adams v. Gillham Glass Wrongful Death – Fall From Balcony Ft. Worth, TX
  Calabrese v. M.J. Dean Construction Fall From Working Surface Las Vegas, NV
  Juan Gonzalez v. Montalbano Homes Fall From Roof Chicago, IL
  Darcor v. Hertz Corporation Wrongful Termination of Contractor Las Vegas, NV
  Colt Jore v. Swank Enterprises Fall From Trusses – Lanyard Bozeman, MT
  Bemo v. Jakes Crane Crane Accident – McCarin Airport Las Vegas, NV
  Starmes v.Marriott  Hotels Fall During Window Installation Ft. Smith, AK
  Construction Litigation (General Contractor v. Subcontractor)   
  ABCO vs. Simplex School Construction   – Clark County Las Vegas, NV
  Golden Turner v. Southland Industries San Diego Convention Center San Diego, CA
  American Ironworkers v. Kern Steel Contract Dispute – Structural Ironwork Bakersfield, CA
  Siemens v. Bovis Venetian Casino Resort Las Vegas, NV
  Greene Construction v Thor Construction Ariel Hotel – City Center Las Vegas, NV
  Construction Litigation (General Contractor v. Owner)   
  Dayside Construction v.  Langston Development Parkway Manor – Apartment Project Carson City, NV
  Vandenberg County v Stemeley Wash Out of County Road Evansville, IN
  Hecken Construction Seawall Damage Tampa, FL
  RCN v. 282 Center St Tenant Finish in High Rise New York, NY
  Lanning v. Prince William County Shopping Center Construction Mannassa, VA
  Wood v. Christman Co et al Damages at Construction Site Grand Rapids, MI
  Robert O’Conner v. Tulip  Homes Contract Dispute During  Construction Hartford, CN
  Mouat v Irontron Design/Build Foundry – Mediation Irontron, OH
  Butterworth v. Bouterie Cost Overrun & Abandonment Las Vegas, NV
  South Falls Lodge Renovation Contractor Defense -Default Prevention Woodburn, OR
  The Meadows Sitework Litigation Princeton, NJ
  Volmar v. General Services Administration US Customs House – Historic Restoration New York, NY
  Newcom Construction v Buyers Real Estate Wedding Chapel Las Vegas, NV
  Construction Litigation (Architect/Engineer v. Owner)  
  Gary Johnson v. State of Alaska Design Defects – Prison Construction Anchorage, AK
  Cold Creek Prison #7 Architect  Dispute – Public Works Cold Creek, NV
  Engstrom Design v. Lombardi et el Restaurant Design – Desert Passage Las Vegas, NV
  Las Cal v. Juanita Summers Taco Bell Design  Dispute Carson City, NV
  Indian Hills v. Pan Pacific Proprieties Masonry Wall Design Dispute Las Vegas, NV
  Evans v. Merrill Errors in Geotechnical Report San Clemente, CA
  Alt v. Westar Design Dispute w/Architect Las Vegas, NV
  Construction Claims    
  Volmar Construction Company Alexander Hamilton US Customs House New York, NY
  American Asphalt & Grading Company Log Cabin Ranch – D. R. Horton Las Vegas, NV
  American Asphalt & Grading Company Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power Owens Lake, CA
  American Asphalt & Grading Company Element Homes Phoenix, AZ
  American Asphalt & Grading Company F-4 Basin & Channel – USCOE Las Vegas, NV
  Construction Defects    
  Stone Ridge v. Pulte Homes Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
  Exodus Court Structural Defects – 10 Houses Las Vegas, NV
  Val D’Isere v. The Villas et al Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
  Arbor Park v. Concordia Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
  Mariners Landing Masonry, Landscape, Plumbing, Concrete Las Vegas, NV
  Allied v Syndicated Storage Roof Defects – Commercial Warehouse Las Vegas, NV
  Spring Oaks II Insulation Defects -Condominium Project Las Vegas, NV
  Morrissette Residence Multiple Defects – Multi-Million Estate Marco Island, FL
  Personal Injury    
  Willie vs. Villa Victor Ladder Accident Huntington, NY
  Edilberto Aquino v NASSCO Fork Lift Accident – US Navy San Diego, CA
  Calis v EA Collins Ladder Accident Las Vegas, NV
  Hamilton v Oppen Auger Accident Rugby, ND
  Maloney v NYC  Transit Fall Through Subway Grating Brooklyn, NY
  Kilgore v. Nevada Power Electrical Cover Plate Accident Las Vegas NV
  Orenstein v. Outback Steakhouse Slip, Trip & Fall – Design Defect Las Vegas, NV
  Wellbourne v. Epic Divers Rigging Accident from Truck New Orleans, LA
  Adams v. Gillman Fall During Glass Panel Installation Irving, TX
  Robinson v. Boomtown Slip trip and fall in Casino Reno, NV
  Bock v. Smith Golf Cart Roll Over Las Vegas, NV
  Steinberg v. Madison Slip Trip and Fall Outside  Residence Las Vegas, NV
  Sandra Pina v. Sam’s Town Slip trip and fall in Casino Las Vegas, NV
  Summerlin Hospital Fall from Cold Storage Unit Las Vegas, NV
  Verner v. Ramada Express Slip Trip and Fall at Elevator Laughlin, NV
  McWhorter v. Nevada Ready Mix Water Truck Injury at Plant Las Vegas, NV
  World Trade Center Disaster Site Airborne Hazards – Class Action Litigation New York, NY
  L. Hunter v. St. Anthony’s Medical Center Fatal Accident – Window Defects St. Louis, MO
  Marc Legget v. Las Vegas Hockey Slip Trip Fall  at Hockey Stadium Las Vegas, NV
  Nathason v. Las Vegas Hockey Slip Trip Fall  at Hockey Stadium Las Vegas, NV
  Insurance Claims    
  Las Vegas Monorail Liquidated Damages Las Vegas, NV
  Truck Fire Van Caught on Fire Las Vegas, NV
  Auto Accident Brake Failure Las Vegas, NV
  Mathew Norton Masonry collapse Farmington, UT
  Keystone Cue & Cushion v. Menicuci Structural Damage due to Storm Reno, NV
  Hannelore Lieberman Stucco Defects Las Vegas, NV
  William David Acevedo Drywall Defects Las Vegas, NV
  Tamara Vranken Water Intrusian Las Vegas, NV
  Karen Kapsun Structural Defects Bountiful, UT
  Kurt Lehwalder Concrete Settlement Salt Lake City,UT
  Product Liability    
  Bunch v. Red-White Valve Elevator Accident Las Vegas, NV
  Construction Consulting    
  R-4 Detention Basin and Channel QC Mgr. – US Army Corps of Engineers Las Vegas, NV
  Predator Maintenance Complex QC Mgr. – US Army Corps of Engineers Indian Springs, NV
  Terex Cranes Analyze Crane Defects Uzen, Kazakhstan
  EN Engineering Proj. Mgr. – Shopping Center Design Las Vegas, NV
  Mathew Homes Water Infiltration – Ponderosa Estates Fernley, NV
  Beys Construction Company QC Mgr –   US Navy Facility Staten Island, NY
  Volmar Construction Company Alexander Hamilton US Customs House New York, NY
  Wells Dairy Corporation Dairy Plant – Settlement & Soils Heaving St. George, UT