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General Contracting Construction Projects

Whether it’s consulting, project managing or orchestrating damage control, Gogulski and Associates has the experience in general contracting to get your project done on time, within budget and with no setbacks. In fact, sometimes our company is called in while the project is underway for consulting and management solutions to find answers to why the project is falling behind, why it’s becoming over budget and then remedy the problems.

We have been relied upon for general construction projects, commercial construction projects and industrial construction projects for our wide range of services, which include project management, consulting, forensic engineering and even expert witness testimony for court litigation. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. From overseeing the construction on a 1.5 million square-foot Regional Distribution Center in Boston to helping manage the construction of six single family homes in Belle Mead, construction companies rely on us for our expertise in all aspects of the construction process.

If you feel your company is falling behind schedule or unexpected costs keep arising, please don’t hesitate to give Gogulski and Associates a call to find solutions to get back on schedule and within budget. Below is list of general contracting construction projects we have overseen in recent years.

Colfax Belle Mead, NJ Six single family homes
Union Valley Whitingham, NJ 900 acre retirement community, golf course, 860 two and three story condos
Union Valley Concordia, NJ 1200 acre retirement community, golf course, 940 two and three story condos, community center
Drexel Properties Huntington Ridge Aurora, CO 204 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Huntington Park Aurora, CO 204 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Hunters Park Raleigh Durham, NC 210 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Bent Trail Dallas, TX 38 three story condo units
Drexel Properties Barton’s Landing Raleigh Durham, NC 208 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Barton’s Ridge Raleigh Durham, NC 158 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Highland Trace Dallas, TX 160 three story apartments
Drexel Properties Highlands of Preston Dallas, TX 210 three story apartments
Winter Park Pines Place 436 Orlando, FL 208 3 story apartments