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Gogulski & Associates has the extensive experience needed for the most  challenging litigation or complex construction consultation assignment your company may need.

Led by founder Paul Gogulski, Gogulski & Associates has been used in over 200 cases across 18 states, providing reports that led to early settlement and irrefutable fact finding that only experienced experts can provide.

A team of 11 associates, including founder Mr. Gogulski, make up this construction expert witness and consulting firm. Our associates are extremely well qualified and have a wide range of engineering backgrounds. We truly leave no stone un-turned in the realm of forensic engineering. Our forensic engineers are trained to determine facts independently and professionally using state-of-the-art technology and industry-wide standards of care.

Whether it is claims, delays, defects, project controls or investigating accidents, Gogulski & Associates includes the combined experience of over 300 years’ worth of construction and engineering. We have become invaluable to companies looking for forensic analysis, personal injury, construction defects, loss investigations for insurance companies and fraud. We have consulted with companies throughout the world to prepare claims and conducted investigations to lead to proper settlement.