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The “Black Box Theory”

Harry Bosch is one of my favorite characters in literature. If you read Michael Connelley’s books, you will know that Harry Bosch is a LAPD Detective who was also a former “tunnel rat” with the 25’th Infantry Division in Vietnam.  Bosch solves the most difficult of murder cases despite efforts from others to discredit his [...]

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OSHA’s ‘Non Delegable Duty of Care’ Can Bust Your Chops if You are Not Prepared.

I was requested to make an evaluation of comparative negligence regarding an accident which occurred at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.  Three men standing on the top of an excavation observed a backhoe crawl up a 14 foot ramp along the side of an excavation 40 feet deep. The backhoe was positioned backwards with [...]

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Calabrese’s Miracle

A construction expert’s opinion:  perseverance pays off Seven years after the first trial, Nevada’s Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s decision regarding OSHA’s jurisdiction involving a construction accident in Las Vegas. In 2007, a walkway was built over temporary HVAC piping in the parking lot of a local restaurant. The walkway was connected to a [...]

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Moisture in Wood Balconies are a Frequent Cause of Failure

“ That ain’t how we do it in Texas” commented the new Project Manager who was hired by a New Jersey developer of a 1500 unit retirement community . “I can save you over $80,000 for your balconies if you let me call my supplier in Texas” He did, and the trucks came rushing to [...]

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Pushing Back Against Insurance Companies Who Fail to Pay for Hail and Roof Damage Attributable to Severe Storms

The recent storm of April 26 at Oklahoma City was followed by tornados on May 20 in Moore and again on May 31 in Ell Reno. This resulted in a flood of claims for roof damage from home owners  throughout the affected Oklahoma areas. To minimize their loss, insurance companies have been coming up with every [...]

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Construction Litigation – Learn to Love Lawsuits

Construction Litigation – Learning to Love Lawsuits There is a problem in the construction industry – an unmet need in search of a solution.  Yes, if you are in the construction business, you had better learn to love litigation. The trends show litigation is increasing every year, and likely to increase for the foreseeable future.  [...]

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October Superstorms bring Summer Jobs to NYC

October Superstorms bring Summer Jobs to NYC When Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast and NYC in October, nobody was really thinking that there would be any benefit from it at the time. At the time, people we bracing for destruction, a storm surge that would bring more damage, fatalities, and just a long [...]

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Letting Another Contractor Use Your Scaffold Can Be a Big Mistake

Letting Another Contractor Use Your Scaffolding Could  Be a Big Mistake In response to an insistent decorator who hired both a Painting Contractor and an Electrical Contractor for some work in her client's penthouse, the Painting Contractor agreed to let the Electrical Contractor use his scaffold to hang a ceiling fixture. As the electrical contractor [...]

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When in Doubt, Paint it Pink

When in Doubt, Paint it Pink           Whenever there  extra cash is left to spend when the project comes in  below budget, it is always a  pleasure to ask the client  how he wishes to spend the extra money to improve the project.    As Resident Construction Manager for General Electric’s corporate Real Estate and Construction Operation, [...]

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Construction industry 4th dangerous job in 2011

The construction industry is always one of the most dangerous occupations, and in 2011, that point held true.   According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction came behind the transportation and warehousing industry for most deaths in 2011, as 721 people died doing construction related jobs.   In terms of injury rate, [...]

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