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Product Liability

Bunch v. Red-White Valve Elevator Accident Las Vegas, NV

When manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and other companies make products for the public that default and injuries occur, those companies can be held liable through product liability laws.

Through forensic engineering, Gogulski & Associates’ product liability experts investigate product liability claims where the product did not operate or function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property. We extend that definition to include all aspects of construction delay and damages. The consequences of delay or failure are dealt with by contract law or product liability cases and can be held accountable through the court of law. Our product liability experts are trained to determine facts professionally using comprehensive analysis, state of art technology and industry-wide standards of care.

In their investigation, our product liability experts issue product liability reports on the failure, testing or defects of a specific product. These reports and opinions are used to testify about the product’s liability, especially in the construction field.

Product liability typically falls under three types of categories: manufacturing flaws, design defects and inadequate or improper warnings. Manufacturing flaws occur when the design was acceptable and usable, but the product was not made correctly, thereby allowing it to fail. Design flaws mean the design was dangerous to begin with and other alternatives were made available, but simply were not used – not because of increased costs to the manufacture, but just a flawed design. Improper warnings mean that the product creates a risk of some sort that a design or the manufacturing process cannot fix, therefore, a warning label is needed to show risk of the product.

We work hard to analyze both sides of every issue and present facts objectively.