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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding effort and diligent work on our behalf in the resolution of the problems associated with the South Falls Lodge Renovation project. On your first site visit you identified the problem and recommended a workable solution to the problems associated with this project. During your second visit, on your recommendation the owner agreed to remove the Construction Manager and replace him with a C.M. that we were able to work with. Your help and preparation of the construction claim we are now pursuing through arbitration was greatly appreciated.
– Dennis Rehder
President, DGS General Construction, Inc., Woodburn, Oregon


On behalf of my client, I want to thank you for the services you provided with the golf cart case against Siena Golf, LLC. I look forward to using you on additional consulting projects in the future.
– Robinson, Belaustegui
Sharp & Low, May 10, 2006 Michael E. Sullivan, Esq.


We appreciate your work on behalf of {client} and attribute the successful conclusion of this matter in no small part to your professional efforts. We very much appreciated working with you and receiving your expert opinion in this matter. We will maintain your C.V. on file in anticipation of utilizing your services in future litigation.
– Lewis E. Baker
RP, Legal Assistant for Thomas Van Flein Esq., Clapp, Peterson, Stowers, Attorneys at Law Anchorage, Alaska


Paul was effective in establishing the facts necessary to recover cost on our subcontract at the Ariel Hotel at City Center. Through his efforts, we entered negotiations from a position of strength. Thank you Paul for the integrity to stand with us shoulder to shoulder during one of the most of difficult of times.
– Michael Greene
President Greene Construction, Las Vegas Nevada


Paul was hired to ramrod this development and construction effort, as well as manage Teradyne’s worldwide properties. His role in this expansion project included all aspects, right down to fitting up the finished building with a new furniture system. He is a dependable, hardworking, honest and capable individual, who I recommend highly.
– Owen Robins
Chief Financial Officer, Teradyne Boston, Massachusetts


I have personally spent hundreds of days in arbitration during my career. During that time I have had the opportunity to determine the qualities which make an outstanding arbitrator. I believe Mr. Gogulski has these qualities. He is an engineer, diligent, hard-working. He is concerned about doing the right thing. He would make an outstanding arbitrator.
– Greg Ronan
Goddard & Blum New York, New York


Thanks for a job well done and best wishes for your path ahead.
– Admiral Joe W. Fowler
Senior Vice President, Disney, Burbank, California


A good deal of the credit should to Paul for this very successful Urban Development Project. He integrated the diverse soft engineering and planning disciplines with the hard engineering and construction work which totally transformed the Southwest Corridor of Boston. The qualities that Paul brought to the Boston assignment included good communication skills, self-starter, skill in assembling and leading diverse professional staff drawn from many companies, a passion for his work, and good business and engineering fundamentals gained earlier in his career.

– William J. Custer Jr.
Senior Vice President, DeLeuw Cather Washington, D.C.


Just to let you know, we at Toubl are very pleased with the recent report that was filed by Gogulski and Associates. We will be glad to call on you again for any future projects. I think Andy is very thorough and provided the due consideration that the project required. Thanks again for the efforts.

– Marty Lowry
Insurance Claims Representative/Supervisor


Thanks for your note on the Engineering News-Record article. None are more welcome than those from our RECO alumni. I was very pleased to hear that you have formed an organization to provide a service similar to ours on the outside market. We would like to have information concerning your organization for appropriate consideration should a need arise for your kind of activity on our projects in your area of operation. Should you be in our area, please stop in, as it would be a pleasure to see you again.
– E. S. Weaver
General Manager, Real Estate and Construction Operation, General Electric Co. Schenectady, New York


Thanks for all your great work; it helped us settle this case yesterday.
– Backus Carranza
Attorneys and Counselors at Law Leland Eugene Backus, Esq. August 18, 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada