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3D Project Presentations™ Review

3D Project Presentations™ Review

New technology will make understating the construction process during litigation a little bit easier.

With 3D Project Presentations™, the reporting process in litigation is shorter because of visualization of the project combined with the timeline of cost, schedule and budget makes everything easy to understand. This program can also be used when planning projects.

It reduces the impact from schedule delays attributable to unanticipated events.  3D Project Presentations™ identifies variances in budgeted vs. actual costs before thy are allowed to spin out of control or, regrettably, are allowed to be manipulated in presentations to the benefit of one party at the expense of other team members. Not only does this prevent the occurrence of claims, it provides for early settlement when litigation does occur, thereby reducing legal expenses including expert testimony by other professionals.

Construction expert Mr. Paul Gogulski reviewed 3D Project Presentations and gave his review.

My observations indicate that the following are likely to continue within the construction industry:

  • Litigation is increasing as a trend as time passes, not decreasing.
  • As the pace of construction increases, so does the risk and complexity.
  • Contract terms and conditions continue growing more complex and continue to expand.
  • As legal and technical complexity grows, so too does risk and lack of trust.
  • Intentional withholding of problematic issues during design results in delays. 
  • Increased design responsibility assigned to Contractors often results in unequal risk.   
  • Continued growth in performance specifications increases risk and complexity.
  • Frequent changes within the permit process result in delay and increased cost.
  • Political  pressure is usually unfounded, and usually results in  adverse impact.
  • Increased complexity within the regulatory environment results in changes and costly delays.
  • Going “green” sometimes means  “going red” as part of  the process.
  • Owner’s demand for guarantees beyond the completion dates results in much greater risks.  

Therefore, when project presentations are made using charts and numbers only, how does an owner know with certainty that what is being presented is factual?  They don’t, and that is why our 3D Project Presentations™ are unlike any others in the market.

 3D Project Presentations™ consist of irrefutable facts based on the following:

  • Amounts shown are generated from source documents (i.e. contracts, estimates, invoices, etc.)
  • Labor hours by category  is identified and shown from payroll records.
  • Materials , subcontracts and long lead items are identified and shown from purchase orders.
  • Actual cost as it occurs corresponds to the terms stated in the contract documents.
  • Units of production as it occurs corresponds to that shown in the estimate.

Our deliverable product is a video presentation that can be edited and updated showing the project as a 3D model with sequence of construction per schedule, and with the above cost and production data injected in layers by days, weeks or months as they occur.

Call about our construction consulting services at (843) 470-0459.

Post by Paul Gogulski

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